Stimulate company growth

Operational Excellence

Because operational excellence is an absolute must in order to maintain competitiveness and finance growth, we have developed a methodology that relies on more than 100 leverage points throughout the value chain:


Supply Chain



Alignment of industrial capabilities with business strategy:
- Industrial sites specialization,
- Investment program selection and prioritization,
- Product mix evolution,
- Technology road-maps,
- Make or buy

Supply chain service levels alignment with business strategy:
- Optimization of supply chain platforms numbers and location,
- Logistics outsourcing/insourcing opportunities,

Resources and skills adjustment to business strategy:
- Cross-functional service leverage,
- Outsourcing,
- Task breakdown across central and local structures,


- Critical equipment improvements toward increased reliability and optimized efficiency,
- Industrial layout and flows revision,
- KPIs identification and implementation,
- Lean manufacturing deployment

- Logistics platform efficiency,
- Transportation plans (upstream, downstream),
- Planning optimization,
- KPIs identification and implementation, project management definition and selection,
- "Lean approach" deployment,

- Costs/Expenses reduction,
- Steering committee and KPIs identification and implementation,
- "Lean approach" deployment,


- OEE Improvement,
- Tool change optimization, (SMED)
- Production line optimization,
- Roles and responsibilities review and reorganization,
- Tools reliability improvement,
- TPM and auto-maintenance implementation,
- Quality control and sampling process (OBA)
- Administrative burden reduction

- Supplier risk management,
- Sales forecast management, cross-site planning,
- Replenishment performances,
- Out of stock reduction,
- Stock level optimization,
- Forwarders management,
- Warehouse filling rate reduction,
- Cross dock implementation,
- Product location optimization,
- Product life cycle,

- Identification and removal of low added value tasks,
- Process redesign,
- Contract renegotiation,
- Constraints/needs reduction,
- Tasks automation,
- Reporting simplification,
- Subcontractors management,


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