Stimulate company growth

Strategy and Growth

Growth opportunities are often numerous and diverse: we help our clients identify them through deep strategic analysis and assist in the execution, maximizing the benefits.




- Competitive analysis: markets dynamics, strategy and positioning of competitors, customers' needs and concerns,
- "Business design",
- Growth plan,

- Resources allocation in line with strategy,
- Exemplary achievement on a defined scope,

External Growth

- Systematic screening ot potential partners,
- Selection of relevant targets,
- Evaluation of potential synergies and operational due dilligence,
- Integration audit

- Resources allocation strategy and integration plan implementation,
- Integration plan management and follow up,
- Integration plan implementation of critial areas,
- Synergies achievement measurement and follow up,

Internal Growth

- Identification of growth levers: sales team strategy, and development, pricing, marketing innovation and products/services development, account plans, investments...
- Performance diagnostic on every lever and associated action plan,
- Growth plan,

- Progressive team mobilization plan,
- Pricing policy definition and implementation, product/service development, investments plans, account plans redaction...
- Definition and implementation of KPIs


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